Our kittens are TICA registered, and have age appropriate shots and worming and are spayed or neutered at the time they leave for their new home, at approximately 10 - 14 weeks. They have a 2 year Guarantee and are always healthy kittens for you. Each of our Kittens is a Work of Art

We do Ship and sometimes deliver to Southern California or Las Vegas, NV residents. We love Las Vegas :P

Sometimes we have older teenage and grown Ragdolls for sale. Feel free to see them in our Available page. IF you would like to be on our waiting list for our breeding cats that retire, just let us know.
Her Dad is the Supreme Grand Champion Pallacedolls Prince Gallaway tis Celtic.
Grace is DGCH in Tica and Ch in UFO (2007)
2nd Best Brazilian Ragdoll Kitten 2006 - UFO
She is loved Furrever by our dear Ana Viggiani - Montana's Ragdolls

Below are some pictures of Kittens, Older Teenage and Cats produced by Razl Dazl Dolls
Dazl-ing kittens for you to enjoy!!
Miss Janie
Bianca and Bootsie
Cherry Bomb
Razl Dazl Dolls Celtic of Montanas
This boy is the new treasure of our Furrever Friend Ana: Celtic!
Ana shared with us that there are not enough words to say how much Celtic means to her.
He is a result of patience and love from RazlDazlDolls and Celtic Ragdolls, to be able to share him with his New Mama, Ana is so dear to us both.
Thank you Ana for loving him!"
Little Ragdoll Kitten Sunshine
Ragdoll Seal Bicolor - Grace Kelly
QGCh Razl Dazl Dolls Grace Kelly of  Montanas
Ragdoll Kitten Miss Jane
Ch. Razl Dazl Dolls Crystal Blu Purrsuashn
Is our blue bicolor home grown girl from our first lines and great grand daughter to Spice Me Up. Her father is Sir Figaro of Bridalveil and she looks much like her father and mother, Norma Jean. She is very outgoing, sweet and loving. Now owned and loved by Sharon Shulby of Magnadollz.
A blue mitted boy who comes from our Razl Dazl Dolls Meghan and Celtic Ragdolls Taloose. He is a very outgoing boy who is very much loved and spoiled by Kristen of Beautydolls Ragdolls. Keeper is the epitome of the saying "It takes a Village" and we are very proud of him, Janie and I! And now Kristen has our love to share.... Furrever Friends making Furrever friends for you!
Razl Dazl Dolls Keeper
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