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This is the birthplace where the Ragdoll breed began.
Ann Bakers cattery where it all began in 1963
Josephine - Mother of the first Ragdolls
Ann Baker
Raggedy Ann Kioto & Raggedy Ann Tiki
Some of the first Ragdolls
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Raggedy Ann Cattery
We all owe a woman named Ann Baker of Riverside, California, and Josephine a feral cat much thanks for the start of the Ragdoll Breed.

In the early 60's Josephine, a white, long haired cat, lived on Baker's property in a cat colony. Baker nursed Josephine back to health after a car accident, and she became quite friendly. Baker noticed special qualities in her new friend and her kittens and kept a female kitten from one of her litters. She named the kitten Buckwheat, who was a solid black cat or a black self female. One of Baker's neighbors, the Pennels, also kept a pointed, male kitten with white mittens from one of Josephine's litters. He called this kitten Daddy Warbucks. Baker obtained a female kitten, Fugianna, who was born of Josephine and Daddy Warbucks. She was the first bicolor Ragdoll. Baker, using the stud services of Daddy Warbucks, established the Ragdoll breed.
Ragdolls get their name from their docile nature and when you pick them up they go limp like a child's "Rag Doll".

If you decide to become a Ragdoll Owner, be ready to have a cat that is devoted and loves you because you love them. Somewhat having the personality of a dog, loyally, Ragdolls cats and kittens will follow you and always have to be with you and be a part of what you are doing. Ragdolls cats and Ragdoll kittens,  love to interact and are very smart. They can be taught to fetch, catch toys, and learn very quickly the things you don't want them to do with the clap of your hands and a sharp "NO".
Ragdolls are a strictly "indoor" cat, unless you have them outside in a secure or supervised area, Ragdolls need to be in a safe place. We have had several that were easily leash trained.  Their trait of being docile means they will not be aggressive, in turn, could be harmed by other animals. I have known a few very protective mothers with kittens, don't get me wrong, they can defend themselves, they just don't have the aggression of a domestic cat. Ragdolls are more laid back and passive.
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